Local Home Phone Service

At GCEC Telecom, we offer a variety of features to add flexibility to your standard residential phone line. These features are either billed monthly or on a Per Use basis. Call us today for better savings and more home phone services!

If it's a standard single business line or an OC12 connection, we can provide service as a competitive rate throughout the State of Texas. We also offer a variety of bundled packages at an even greater savings.

We also offer Voice Mail from GCEC Telecom that provides crystal clear clarity, the ability to save and access messages from your PC in addition to having separate mailboxes for each family member.

Using Your Voice Mail to E-mail.

It's a very simple process. Check your email as you normally would. When you get a voice mail message, you will instantly receive an email from "your Telephone" delivered right to your inbox. The message will have an attachment. Open the attachment and your media player will play the message. You can save the attachment to your PC and follow the links in the message to save or delete the message from the Voice Mail System. Please contact one of our service representative to learn more about Voicemail from GCEC Telecom.